Arkybiox was born on 2012 and after many test and positive feedback the product it’s been then refined to be used in different areas.  

Arkybiox it’s an high effective product that take care of the environment and harmless for humans, animals and environment.

Over the past few years the product has been highly appreciated by numerous companies in the musical instrument field (, including Jahn Piano and Yamah, for its effectiveness combined with delicacy for materials such as plastic, chrome surfaces, brass, wood, steel, painted surfaces and many others.  

It’s a product well known for its qualities in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, England, Italy and is also becoming very popular in the Arab Countries.

The company that produces Arkybiox is Arkea LTD based in Uk. Arkea is an holding of various activities, including the creation of natural  stones and innovative technical solutions for Arkeawall self-ventilated walls with Arkyfix patent fixing system. 

Our mission is to offer an effective ecological detergent free of chemicals, using milk waste products (whey) in order to respect the environment and preserve your health.